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Lisa Goldfaden

Lisa Goldfaden

Born and raised in the beautiful seaside community of Miami Beach, Lisa Goldfaden prioritized a life involving nature, art and helping people. Always encouraged to follow her dreams, she pursued the visual arts and received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Studio Art/Art History at the University of Denver, followed by a Masters in Museum Education from the prestigious Bank Street College of Education in New York City.

A self declared ‘The Princess of Natural Skincare”, this is exactly what I embody. I was born to health conscious parents who placed a large emphasis on helping others, so I kind of had my work cut out for me. As children we were not allowed candy, sugar or soda. I was a vegetarian until the age of 22 and now eat fish and poultry, but only organic. I do not eat dairy. I drink green juice and eat organic fruits/veggies. I take six different vitamins a day( omega fish oil, alpha lipoic acid, curcumin, vit.D, vit c, chondroiton/glucosamine. My father always told us that what you ingest into your body and what your active lifestyle is, has such great effects of the outer layers of your skin and if you want healthy + glowing skin, it is going to take more than just an effective cleanser at night! 

I try to live life as mentally, physically and spiritually healthy and balanced as possible. Of course growing up the way I did, I got a head start to say the least. My parents were very into charity and community service, so as children we helped at soup kitchens and disaster relief sites. I learned a great deal about humanity and kindness by watching my father and the way he interacted with his patients. Growing up my father also instilled athleticism in us. My brother and I were riding bikes, swimming, and playing sports at a very young age. I played basketball and took ballet in middle school. Once I got to high school I joined the track team and the swim team.

Watching my father help people by treating and curing them not only with medical expertise, but also with understanding and emotional support. I definitely credit my dad for my artistic side and after watching him create unique products, this way of life became one of those things that I felt so strongly about pursuing. I knew this was my path...A dedication to help people have beautiful, younger, healthier skin.

Today, Lisa is happily ensconced as Vice President of Marketing and is a walking billboard for the success of GOLDFADEN MD.