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Lauren Wolk


Born in Chicago, Illinois, Lauren always longed to live in a balmy climate. She decided to follow her love for warm weather, art and design by moving to Miami, Florida where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Barry University.

Growing up in Chicago I always was and always will be a Bulls fan. I played basketball throughout high school and have always been athletic and very focused on the overall health of my body. I live a very healthy lifestyle which includes practicing Vinyasa yoga, eating organic, cross training and hiking. I take five vitamins and drink green juice every day.

Prior to GOLDFADEN MD, Lauren spent four years spearheading advertising campaign production efforts at the world-renown advertising firm Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Her experience on global accounts such as Method, Slim Jim, CokeZero and Volkswagon lead her to ask, “If I can build a campaign for beef jerky, how different could skincare be?”

Being an advertising executive, I was missing something to complete my love and passion for all things beauty - I have a deep love for fashion, Interior design, French Bulldogs and with a beauty-stash that is more than just a collection I would have to admit that I am quite the beauty junkie. I believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.

With the realization that there was a lack of quality dermatological skincare products with natural ingredients on the market, I was propelled into wanting to create a solution. My desire to find natural beauty products that provide proven, scientific results in the marketplace have lead me to GOLDFADEN MD. Serving as Vice President of Sales, Lauren has since helped to build it into a nationally-recognized brand.